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Experimental Observation of a Topological Band Gap Opening in Ultracold Fermi Gases with Two-Dimensional Spin-Orbit Coupling

Zengming Meng, Lianghui Huang, Peng Peng,Donghao Li,Liangchao Chen, Yong Xu, Chuanwei Zhang,Pengjun Wang,and Jing Zhang

The recent experimental realization of synthetic spin-orbit coupling (SOC) opens a new avenue for exploring novel quantum states with ultracold atoms. However, in experiments for generating twodimensional SOC (e.g., Rashba type), a perpendicular Zeeman field, which opens a band gap at the Dirac point and induces many topological phenomena, is still lacking....

Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 235304 (2016)


Experimental realization of a two-dimensional synthetic spin-orbit coupling in ultracold Fermi gases

Lianghui Huang, Zengming Meng, Pengjun Wang, Peng Peng, Shao-Liang Zhang, Liangchao Chen, Donghao Li, Qi Zhou, and Jing Zhang

Spin-orbit coupling (SOC) is central to many physical phenomena, including fine structures of atomic spectra and quantum topological matters. Whereas SOC is in general fixed in a physical system, atom-laser interaction provides physicists a unique means to create and control synthetic SOC for ultracold atoms [1].Though significant experimental progresses have been made...

Nature Phys. 12, 540-544 (2016)


Measurement of the squeezed vacuum state by a bichromatic local oscillator

Wei Li, Xudong Yu, and Jing Zhang,

We present the experimental measurement of a squeezed vacuum state by means of a bichromatic local oscillator (BLO). A pair of local oscillators at 5 MHz around the central frequency ω0 of the fundamental field with equal power are generated by three acousto-optic modulators and phase-locked technology and used as a BLO. The squeezed vacuum light is detected by a phase-sensitive balanced-homodyne detection with a BLO...

Opt. Lett. 40, 005299 (2015)


Dissociation of Feshbach molecules via spin-orbit coupling in ultracold Fermi gases

Lianghui Huang, Pengjun Wang, Peng Peng, Zengming Meng, Liangchao Chen, Peng Zhang, and Jing Zhang,

We study the dissociation of Feshbach molecules in ultracold Fermi gases with spin-orbit (SO) coupling. Since SO coupling can induce a quantum transition between Feshbach molecules and the fully polarized Fermi gas, the Feshbach molecules can be dissociated by the SO coupling. We experimentally realize this type of dissociation in ultracold gases of 40K atoms with SO coupling created by Raman beams...

Phys. Rev. A 91, 041604(R) (2015)


Radio-frequency spectrum of the Feshbach molecular state to deeply bound molecular states in ultracold 40K Fermi gases

Lianghui Huang, Pengjun Wang, B P Ruzic, Zhengkun Fu, Zengming Meng, Peng Peng, J L Bohn and Jing Zhang

Spectroscopic measurements are made and obtained for three molecular levels within 50 MHzof the atomic continuum, along with their variation of magnetic field in ultracold 40KFermi gases.Weuse spectroscopic measurements to modify the scattering properties near magnetic Fano–Feshbach resonances with a radio-frequency (RF) field by measuring the loss profile versus magnetic field...

New J. Phys. 17, 033013(2015)


Production of Feshbach molecules induced by spin–orbit coupling in Fermi gases

Zhengkun Fu, Lianghui Huang, Zengming Meng, Pengjun Wang, Long Zhang,Shizhong hang, Hui Zhai, Peng Zhang,and Jing Zhang

In this work we demonstrate a dynamic process in which SO coupling can coherently produce swave Feshbach molecules from a fully polarized Fermi gas, and can induce a coherent oscillation between Feshbach molecules and spin polarized gas. For comparison, we also show that such phenom- ena are absent if the inter-component coupling is momentum-independent....

Nature Phys. 10, 110 (2014).


Optical control of a magnetic Feshbach resonance in ultracold Fermi gas

Zhengkun Fu, Pengjun Wang, Lianghui Huang, Zengming Meng, Hui Hu, and Jing Zhang

We use laser light near-resonant with a molecular bound-to-bound transition to control a magnetic Feshbach resonance in ultracold Fermi gases of 40K atoms. The spectrum of excited molecular states is measured by applying a laser field that couples the ground Feshbach molecular state to electronically excited molecular states. ...

Phys. Rev. A 88, 04160(R) (2013)


Radio-frequency spectroscopy of a strongly interacting spin-orbit-coupled Fermi gas

Zhengkun Fu, Lianghui Huang,Zengming Meng, Pengjun Wang, Xia-Ji Liu, Han Pu,Hui Hu, and Jing Zhang

We investigate experimentally and theoretically radio-frequency spectroscopy and pairing of a spin-orbitcoupled Fermi gas of 40K atoms near a Feshbach resonance at B0 = 202.2 G. Experimentally, the integrated spectroscopy is measured, showing characteristic blue and red shifts in the atomic and molecular responses, respectively, with increasing spin-orbit coupling....

Phys. Rev. A 87, 053619 (2013)





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